GOLF Houses

Matadepera, a small residential town, is the context where a property promotion of 4 terraced houses is placed between the urban centre and a small golf field.From the global building volume, we carve main fronts creating voids and a façade with setbacks.

The new voids are small courtyards where the urban design of the street is extended to make open air parking slots, and the grass of golf field is diluted with the private garden.

The project relies on the role of the units typology and how they are added as the main factors of the building shape.

As a result, the  dwelling typology is a T plant where one wing has the services -the  kitchen, the stair and the bathroom- while the other has the living-room completely link to the garden. The first floor is smaller in order to reduce the building volume and bedrooms are distributed regarding the patios.

The entrance of the house is through the street courtyard, and it is shared by the cars and pedestrian. The circulation is separated by a deciduous tree which makes the seasons visible.

  • Floor Area: 720m2
  • Client: Innovacions Immobiliaries Residencial Can Vinyers s.l.
  • Construction Company: Vasionse s.l.
  • Quantity Surveyor: Joaquim Torras
  • Structural Engineer:  Estudi Cuyás 38 s.l.
  • Photography: F. Alba & A. Vasyutin