MARQ is an architectural firm leaded by Marc Mogas Bartomeu, which stands out in residential field specially in the Premium sector.

The education background in several universities like ETSAB, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Rotterdam Academy of Architecture provided a versatility in the approaches of the project.

In 2010 the firm was shortlisted in the Leaf Awards in the young architects category.

The relationship with the context, the clear functional order and the construction accuracy are the design guides which draw the architectural proposals.

•   Context

The site reading is intentionally in order to find clues to how the project can transform with an architecture which is close to the cultural context, answers the urban space and the building typology.

•   Image

Our propose is to achieve that the shape of the building has an accurate expression. Under the rigorous construction details, façades are designed taking to account its exterior image and matters of the inner spaces.

•   Comfort

Designs order is clear and answers principals matters like sun orientation, relationships and proportion of inner spaces, with the objective to guaranty indoors with its proper conditions.

•   Construction

Construction details are consistent with the building budget and constantly in progress with the new materials that market provides.