Casa R5

With the purpose to avoid shadows in the garden, R5 house is located in the highest corner of the plot and has an L plant which define the garden and makes the inner rooms relate to the outside.

To adapt garden to the plot’s topography, the swiming pool is placed two steps below the ground level. Despite the lack of continuity between inner and garden flooring, the relationship between indoor and outdoor areas is achieved by large eaves which also provide sun protection. The alternation of plants and flowers on the bedrooms’ exit and the holes on the roof that make way for the trees unveils how vegetation has been considered in the design of the house. The residential program takes place on a single floor which has a day-time zone and a wing for the beadrooms . In the basement floor, a room with no specific use gives flexibility to house several  functions concerning people needs.

  • Floor Area: 310m2
  • Construction Company: Vasionse s.l.
  • Quantity Surveyor: Joaquim Torras
  • Structural Engineer:  Estudi Cuyás 38 s.l
  • Facilities Engineer:Quadrant 12 sl
  • Photography: Adrià Goula